We have won the CREA Gold Environmental Award again

Over the past 5 years we have steadily worked towards the top grading for Environmental Scheme as defined by CREA, the Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency. We were assessed a few days ago for the Green at Heart Scheme and we scored 91 points out of a total of 175. 60 points is the criteria for award of Gold. There are many sections to be scored ranging from Energy (i.e. lighting, boilers, monitoring of use, insulation, draught proofing etc). Also sections on water use, purchasing i.e. local suppliers, Waste and travel, each year we try to improve on what we have done over the past year and again this year we have increased our points score. This has come about by more energy efficient lighting etc, more composting and our communal activity of picking up litter around the paths and roads around us.

We are very pleased that our efforts have been rewarded by a nationally recognised scheme such as Green at Heart.

Written by Alex Ashman